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Group Training Sessions (Female Only)

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Join a vibrant community of eight like-minded women all committed to transforming their physical fitness through the dynamic power of strength training. Over six weeks, you and your teammates will engage in two group training sessions per week, empowering each other to push further and lift heavier in a supportive environment.

What can you expect?

Your Instructor:
Semi PT led by Panny, Kerry, George or Bobby.

Embark on a Transformative Journey

Experience the camaraderie of working together as you lift, pull, push, and throw weights. Each session brings a new challenge, ensuring no two workouts are the same—except for the consistent progress you’ll all make together.

What You’ll Learn

  • Expert Training Techniques
    Master the art of safe and effective weightlifting.
  • Confidence with Free Weights
    Build the confidence to handle free weights and carry that empowerment into all areas of your life.
  • Nutritional Understanding
    Discover the meaning of macros and learn how to adjust your diet for optimal health and vitality.
  • Muscle Matters
    Understand why growing muscle is crucial for longevity, health, weight management, and leading a formidable life.

Perks of Joining the Lift Squad

  • Complimentary Gym Membership
    Enjoy free access to our gym facilities throughout the duration of the program, valued at £52.50.
  • Accountability and Support
    Stay on track with the encouragement of your group and trainers.
  • Training Journal
    Document your journey and track your progress with a personal training journal.
  • Tangible Results
    See and feel the results of your dedication and hard work.
  • Exclusive Online Community
    Join a private Facebook group for live streams, check-ins, Q&As, and more.
  • Guided Discipline
    Learn how structured discipline leads to success
  • Empowering Community
    Be part of a squad of seven other inspiring women who will fuel your journey to becoming stronger and more confident.

Session schedule

13:00, 19:00
13:00, 19:00
13:00, 19:00
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