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Kick your fitness into high gear with our Small Group Strength & Conditioning at Pansanity. Designed for groups of up to four participants, this program is ideal for those who thrive in a collaborative environment while focusing on building strength, endurance, and overall physical conditioning. Whether you're joining with friends or looking to make new workout buddies, our sessions are structured to push you towards your peak performance.

What can you expect?

Your Instructor:
Semi PT led by Panny, Kerry, George or Bobby.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Targeted Strength Training
    Each session is built around strength-building exercises that promote muscle growth, enhance endurance, and increase metabolic rate. From free weights to resistance training, our routines are tailored to challenge your physical limits safely and effectively.
  • Dynamic Conditioning Workouts
    We balance our strength focus with conditioning drills that improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, and recovery. Expect a mix of high-intensity intervals and functional movements that boost your fitness from every angle.
  • Customised Coaching
    With only four participants per group, our certified trainers give you the personalised attention you need to refine your technique and progress consistently. Each workout is adjusted to suit the group's fitness level and goals.
  • Community Motivation
    Training in a small group creates a supportive atmosphere that motivates everyone to push harder. Experience the unique dynamic of shared goals and collective success in our friendly and encouraging environment.
  • Convenient Scheduling and Affordable Rates
    We offer multiple session times to easily fit into your busy life, and at a cost that’s more accessible than one-on-one training. Achieve premium fitness results without stretching your budget.

Transform as a Team, Triumph as Individuals

Join our Small Group Strength & Conditioning sessions at Pansanity and discover how effective fitness can be when you’re not doing it alone. Get ready to lift, sweat, and succeed together. Contact us now to book your group's spot and start your journey to a stronger, more conditioned you.

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13:00, 19:00
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